In 1966 we started the production of waterline ships in 1:1250th scale of which more than 300 different models have been created and several hundreds of thousands sold.

The popularity of this series and its recognition from the collectors encouraged us, several years ago, to start with white metal kits of vehicles and tanks in H0 scale, our aim being the production of models that are not in the assortment of other manufacturers, to complements their series.

The next step was made 1989, when we brought our first plastic H0 scale models on the market. We are very pleased, that this new series was so well received by collectors and specialised press. More plastic models are planned. Please find further information inside this catalogue.

Our main goal will remain to provide the collector with accurate replicas of the original thing, thanks to extensive studies of photographic materials and - if possible - original blueprints.

This catalogue only shows the models of the H0 series. We have tried to make this catalogue as comprehensive and clear as possible. Photographs are showing models (partly painted und assembled) and original vehicles as well. Figures and decals are, if not otherwise mentioned, not included in the packages.

2021 the company was taken over by Günter Ctotnik.